Origami paper folding is an art that is very famous in the world, this comes from Japan. Origami is the traditional art of paper folding which developed into a modern art form invented by Akira Yoshizawa. Now this art can be applied in a very artistic wedding invitation. If you are confused about the theme or the type and form what would you wear in a wedding invitation, this is an interesting idea. This artistic wedding invitation is designed by Sophia Tarasofa from New York, USA. Wedding invitation is designed with a variety of colors, making it more attractive dang looks really cool. On the one hand, we will see a pair of geese who are madly in love and if we open the fold, the geese will be turned into a loving couple. This is so amazing and adorable.

Origami Wedding Invitation Design

Origami Wedding Invitation Design by Sophia Tarasofa

Origami Wedding Invitation Designs

Origami Wedding Invitation Designs by Sophia Tarasofa