In a wedding party, there are so many thing that should you prepare. Starts from wedding theme, wedding invitation and you also should think about the wedding dress that will you use. In this time, there is a wedding dress which is provides for the future. It is the wedding dress design for 2013. Designed by Vera Wang, this wedding dress is designed into the red color. Maybe it will be unusual color that will we use, because the common use wedding dress is white color. This color gives the cheerful nuance and it also being a symbol of love. It is designed into many kind of design. Strapless red wedding dress is the favorite design. In the under part of the wedding dress, it is makes blossoming look like a roses blossom. There is also the other design which is use V deep neck design and on the under, it is made look like a mermaid.

2013 Spring Red Wedding Dress
2013 Spring Red Wedding Dress by Vera Wang


2013 Spring Red Wedding Dresses
2013 Spring Red Wedding Dresses by Vera Wang