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Romantics Wedding Invitation Designs Ideas by Ferdinando Fama

Romantics wedding invitation design ideas are designed by Ferdinando Fama who offers a collection of wedding invitations from which a selection can be found with some of the most sold models wedding wedding invitations and greeting cards.This wedding invitation, romance collection, made on white shimmer card. The design of this invitation design is cut to […]

Beach Wedding Invitation Theme Ideas by Danielle Bourgeouis

Sometimes, beach is being a place which gives the romantic nuance for the couple, it is not rare to choose as a place to take a pre wedding photo and the couple take this photo into their wedding invitation. Not for now, it is different style by the use of beach but it still use […]

A beautiful Card Handmade Invitation for Wedding Invitation

A beautiful card handmade invitation for wedding invitation in which is designed with colors in the box bright pink and red wine is stamped with a gold border Embossing technique emboss, as Holy Scripture. In addition to the border emboss it still have to be installed on both sides of the border stickers. Two hearts […]
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