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Blazer Shape Wedding Invitation Design by Reading Print Group

Do you a kind of person who is workaholic? Do you love your job? Do you a couple who want to get married recently? If the answer is yes, just try this kind of wedding invitation by Reading Print Group. You should prepare your wedding invitation to invite the guest to attend on your wedding […]

Origami Wedding Invitation Design by Sophia Tarasofa

Origami paper folding is an art that is very famous in the world, this comes from Japan. Origami is the traditional art of paper folding which developed into a modern art form invented by Akira Yoshizawa. Now this art can be applied in a very artistic wedding invitation. If you are confused about the theme […]

Formal Ceremony Booklet Wedding Invitation Design Ideas by Jodi Baltus

Do you looking for latest wedding invitation ideas? Jodi baltus was creating wedding invitation project that called Formal Ceremony Booklet Wedding Invitation, the wedding invitation has unique style than another wedding invitation because this Ceremony Booklet Wedding Invitation has been design like as a book and Jodi baltus also using flower as the main background […]

D.I.Y Arabic Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Design by Maher A. Housn

If you want the different case of wedding invitation just try this new idea. Arabic Calligraphy Wedding Invitation is a new idea. You can write your name in to the Arabic font and make this font in a shape of something for example in shape of Arabian horse, love etc. this sample is Arabic name […]
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