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Eco Chic Couture Bridal Wedding Gown Design by Gwendolyn Gleason

There are so many kind of wedding gown designs which are designed by Gwendolyn Gleason. These are design will make you confuse to choose which one that will you use in your wedding party because all of them is designing in the same white color but in different design and those are stunning and look […]

Roman Catholic Church Bridal Wedding Gown Design by Sameramese Shehadeh

Wedding gown is the crucial thing to think before someone gets married. It is the new design of wedding gown. Inspired from the churchman or parish clerk or nun, this wedding gown is created. Still in nuance of white, this wedding gown is designed with the high quality of fabric. On the neck side and […]

Timeless lace Ivory Wedding Gown Design by Sameramese Shehadeh

Being beautiful is a must, even less you are the bride of your special wedding party. To make it comes true, this Timeless lace ivory wedding Gown Design will help you. This wedding gown is simple but it is very fantastic. This wedding gown is made from the selection fabric and it is very soft […]

2012 Loving Fall Bridal Wedding Gown Design by Reem Acra

This is the best year to do anything you want in this modern year. Having wedding bridal gown makes the wedding party look more perfect and complete. All of this wedding design is designed for all occasion so it is able for you whenever you want to married. This bridal wedding gown also made in […]

Colorful Bridal Wedding Gown Design by Linda McKenzie

Most of designers are designing wedding invitation using white color that able to bring the bride in the atmosphere of elegance and pureness, but not for this time. The designer Linda McKenzie comes from USA has the new innovation in designing wedding gown. The designer made wedding gown in the colorful way, it makes this […]
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