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Asian & Europe Wedding Celebrating Decoration Ideas by Sanjay Pawar

Latest ideas from India Designer,Sanjay Pawar, Kimaya Events Wedding Decoration and i called it, Asian and Europe Wedding Celebrating Decoration Ideas. Sanjay Pawar was Modification Asian  Wedding Celebrating Ideas  into Europe  Ideas, that looks from floral Arrangement to another part, such as table, stage background, gates and etc. if you want to make your wedding […]

Wedding Decoration Ideas With Balloons

We might not believe that balloons can be part of our wedding decoration for we think that the balloons are just for the birthday party for kids. however these wedding decoration with balloons are really impressive. do you want to know the reasons.?it is okay, by applying these wedding decoration ideas with balloons can make […]

Beautiful Indoor Wedding Decoration Design Ideas

Wedding ceremony or Wedding celebration has been dividing into two style, the first style is outdoor wedding ceremony that usually do in garden, beach and mountain but the second part is indoor that usually do in church, hotel, restaurant,home and etc.And today if you want to celebration or ceremony your wedding party in the hotel […]

DIY Beautiful Wedding Decoration

Most of people trust their wedding decoration to the wedding organizer however it does seem that we do not believe with our ability in managing our wedding decoration. you can imagine how much money will you spend when you trust your wedding decoration to the wedding organizer. and now please think ho much money will […]

Holly Floral Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding is very sacred so it is usually related to the belief in which directly related to the God. and one of the sacred place that we can use as our wedding ceremony is in church. but the question is how to make sacred wedding decoration in our wedding ceremony especially when we use the […]
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