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Couture Wedding Cakes Designs Ideas from Maisie Fantaisie

This couture wedding cakes designs are made by one of London’s premier designers of wedding cakes. the wedding cake designer understands that the brides expect an excellence wedding cakes designs therefore they tried to make the wedding cake as perfect as possible as the couture wedding cakes designs. this wedding couture wedding cakes are made […]

Beautiful Wedding Cakes Decoration by Erin Murphy

Erin Murphy is Seattle, WA chef, she has been decoration wedding cake in beautiful style that using flower as main theme for decoration, this wedding cakes available in there color choice and can use for formal and informal wedding.  check it now. Next : Erin Murphy

Fashionable Wedding Cakes Design Idea From Meduse Joyce

Meduse Joyce begins her career as a fashion designer by accident but comes into contact with cake decoration in London. She travels everywhere to private lessons with renowned cake decorators. Recently she designed wedding cakes that is influenced by Fashion Industry that can make her cake decorations look fashionable. Whenever you decide to use Meduse […]

A Purple Wedding Cakes with the Deepest Creativity Touch

Wedding cake is the most important part of your wedding ceremony because you and your couple will look so romantic couple when you are slicing the cakes, so how invited guests feel if your cakes are not beautiful and unique. do not worry because trough this post I would like to share the purple wedding […]

Romantic Wedding Cakes Ideas

Looking for new Ideas for Decoration wedding cakes? below i has provides four wedding picture that has been made in Romantic Style. the main theme this wedding cakes is flower because some people believe, flower is part of harmonization of the nature that can creates romantic atmosphere.check it now.
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