Wedding Decoration

Alexandra and Andrew Floral Classical Wedding Table Sets

Alexandra and Andrew chose a setting of their wedding tables set with covers classic for their wedding, Scaune garnet taffeta bows in assorted cream brocade with floral. Aranjamentele girls, about garnet in tall vases and for table and chair were about roses in glass cubes decorated with lemon slices. so it is very appropriate for […]

Modern Garden Wedding Decorating Concept by Ingrid Muller

Ingrid Muller is a Graphic Design er and Photographer from Boulder, CO. she was photograph Erica Katz and Patrick Hubbard wedding ceremony in June 4, 2011. The wedding’s background set is Modern Concept in garden with combination natural atmosphere with modern concept that shown from floral decorating and modern furniture. it was brilliant ideas for […]

Elegant Wedding Decoration from Cotswold

Wedding decoration is something memorable in your wedding celebration. Every decoration that you choose is no matter at all if you are having good feelings with your partner. but this elegant wedding decoration seems to be the best option for you who have more budget on it. this elegant wedding decoration will help you to […]

Awesome Farm Wedding Ceremony Decoration with Bicycle Photography

This wedding ceremony photography was Sarah and Jason’s wedding ceremony, this wedding ceremony has awesome theme that was located in agricultural areas, this wedding ceremony photographer by Emily and the Event Design by Peiter Bouterse Studio. The wedding ceremony using a bicycle as main interior, that you can see in the gate, table card and […]

Sparkling Wedding Decorations Ideas

Every body has a budget planning for their wedding decoration, if you have enough much money you can decor your wedding decoration with sparkling wedding decorations ideas then your wedding decoration will look glamor. However if you have do not have much money you can adjust the sparkling wedding decorations ideas based on your budget […]
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