Wedding Cake

Chocolate Flowering Wedding Cake Decoration

Sweet and beautiful. Sweet as sweet as sugar and pretty beautiful as you. Wedding cake is one of the things that should not be forgotten in the wedding. Find wedding cake that suits your wedding. Do not miss the sweets and romance in your marriage. Entertain guests in a beautiful way. Beautiful patterns on your […]

25 Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas by Vicki Williamson

looking for new ideas for decoration wedding cakes or want to make it by your self? Vicki Williamson is chef from South Carolina, United States, work in Vintage Bakery, specialize in Wedding Cakes. bellow i has provide 25 Wedding Cakes picture that has decoration in various style,theme, and color. check it now.     Source

Beautiful Royal Wedding Cake Decoration and Design by Fiona Cairns

Fiona Cairns was creates white Royal Wedding Cake in beautiful decoration and designs, include of header and body decoration that most dominating with flower in cakes body and at the header of cake, she gives peach’s flower prototype to make the cakes so elegant and classy as the royal symbolize.   Source

Sweet Square Wedding Cake Ideas

Sweet square wedding cake¬† is really romantic cake designs because the decoration of this cake is designed with roses which¬† is one of the best romantic symbols. this sweet romantic wedding cake would give you guest satisfaction, happiness, and luxury sense. therefore, you would not take the wrong way if you choose this sweet square […]

Romantic Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers Design Ideas

Do you want your wedding cake have romantic sense? Wedding mountain Company has produce new brand” Romantic Bride and Groom Wedding cake toppers Design Ideas has been made from porcelain, glass, silver and gold materials that can make the wedding cakes toppers durable”.the company has dedicated this brand for newly marry pair because get married […]
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