Engagement Concept

Antique and Vintage Engagement Photography Concept

Photo session would be an unforgettable event at a betrothal or marriage. The fusion of these two hearts would be perpetuated through the photo session. You can make the concept of photo session in accordance with your wishes. Many couples who are inspired by antique and vintage find out when planning their wedding decor. You […]

Stylish and Retro Engaged Couple Concept Photography

Retro design is very attractive and many devotees. Engaged wedding retro design have to be prepared in such a manner ranging from shoes, dresses, and also cars for weddings and engagements. White wedding dress made stringent so that the beautiful and tall bride can look so beautiful. Shoulder part is left open to create a […]

Happy Urban Engagement Photography Concept by Carolyn Scott

Before a couple held a wedding ceremony, many people held an engagement event as an early inauguration of their relationship. They also make photos of like pre-wedding photo. This concept is a concept photo engagement photo shoot held in urban areas. This urban area was very potential to be a place of photography. Looks more […]

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Engagement Party Photography

Kim Kadarshian is one artist whose name is always attached to the hearts of the viewers. Until now, even his name is always booming and the row height in the search account. The concept of engagement to Kris Humphries also forms the prey of his fans. They want to have the engagement party and modeled […]
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