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Strapless Lace Mermaid Wedding Gown with Straight Neckline Ideas

These wedding dresses are made with basic materials from beautiful white lace. This dress is made with a strapless model in order to showing your shoulders which are beautiful and charming. From the top was made tight to your body and widens at the bottom makes you look like a mermaid when you wear it. […]

Soft Wedding Invitation Design with Peacock Feathers Theme by Jessika Knutson

All couples want to marry only once. They want a marriage that once was a marriage that will always be remembered by family, friends, and other community members. Make that dream come true. Make your wedding invitations become very attractive with a wedding theme with a peacock feather, while you can combine colors, fonts and […]

Alexandra and Andrew Floral Classical Wedding Table Sets

Alexandra and Andrew chose a setting of their wedding tables set with covers classic for their wedding, Scaune garnet taffeta bows in assorted cream brocade with floral. Aranjamentele girls, about garnet in tall vases and for table and chair were about roses in glass cubes decorated with lemon slices. so it is very appropriate for […]

Romantic Typography Illustration Wedding Invitation by Aaron Eiland

Saturday is a long day because the day after it is weekend, Saturday night is a long night, the right choice day to do something. It is maybe the choices for the couple who really wants to celebrate the wedding party in this day. But, before we go too far, we should prepare about the […]

Asian – India Royal Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred thing. Each state or tribe has its own characteristics in the wedding. For instance is in India. India royal wedding would be something very special in celebration. Wedding dress is generally red with ornaments for the bride’s hand, makes it look beautiful. The bridegroom is using headgear to show […]
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