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Beautiful Autumn Weddings Dress

Although the June has gone but it does not mean that your plane for making beautiful autumn wedding dress stop. You have to explore all your ideas for making the best beautiful Autumn wedding dress for your perfect and memorable wedding ceremony. I believe this beautiful Autumn wedding dress ca be your great reference for […]

Little Bit Different Purple Wedding Dress Design by Ruth Watkin

Not always in white color. This wedding dress is little bit different from the other. It didn’t use the white color as the materials to make wedding dress. It is different but looks so sweet. It is using the Tosca color as the cardigan with blossoming design on the shoulder. To make it more interesting, […]

Lovely Romantic Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride from Ann Pamperin

The groom that want to make their bride impressed can try to give her this lovely romantic wedding gift ideas for bride that presented by Ann Pamperin. Ann Pamperin launched her work at the wedding gift for the bride that will make the groom was really romantic by giving it for their future wife. The […]

Forest Dreams Strapless Wedding Gown Design by Papilio

Every woman’s dream is to become a bride with a beautiful dress and be a dream to wear. Now has come a wedding gown designed with the idea of forest. Making a dress with forest concept was made by Papilio. The colors used are the colors with natural concepts such as cream, white and gold […]

Unique Beauty Vera Wang Wedding Dress in Chic Modern Style

Talking about Vera Wang collection was never end she was called as the queen of Hollywood bridal and this unique beauty Vera Wang wedding dress in chic modern style will make you really appreciate her. Vera Wang pointed in the details of each wedding dress that she was designed that’s why her collection seems that […]
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